Jaskier is a character in the Netflix series The Witcher (2019–), based on the popular video game series, which itself is based on the fantasy series by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski (1986–2013).

Jaskier (known as Dandelion in the video games), is a skilled bard and companion of protagonists Gerald of Rivia and Ciri. Known for his outstanding musical talent and questionable scruples, Jaskier begins following Geralt in hopes that his deeds will provide excellent fodder for song-making. In time, he becomes a trusted friend and ally who helps Geralt and Ciri out of many precarious situations.

In the novels as well as the video games, Jaskier/Dandelion is presented as a foppish womanizer whose exploits often get him into trouble. In the first Witcher novel, Blood of Elves (1994), the character Dijkstra says to Jaskier, “You are almost 40, you look 30, you imagine you’re 20, and you act like you’re 10.” This was very much how Jaskier was introduced in the Netflix show, however in season three, we see a different side of him from the depictions in the novels/games when he falls in love with Prince Radovid, brother of the king of Redania. Over the course of the season, the two develop a natural romance that neither expected nor turned away from.