Jacqueline "Jackie" Cleaver (Katy O'Brian) is one of the main characters in the film Love Lies Bleeding (2024) from A24 Studios.

Jackie is a bi aspiring bodybuilder aiming to compete in and win a bodybuilding tournament in Las Vegas. Her dedication to this goal is evident in her rigorous training regimen and everything she does to improve her physique.

Jackie always sports athletic looks, wearing tank tops and sweatpants in all colors, as well as classic '90s windbreakers. Her expression is focused and intense, contributing to her strong and determined appearance.

Jackie develops a close and passionate relationship with Louise "Lou" Langston (Kristen Stewart), who runs her father's gym. Their relationship is characterized by intense chemistry and a deep emotional connection. However, it also faces serious challenges due to Jackie’s growing steroid abuse and the resulting paranoia and violent outbursts.

This steroid use results in Jackie having well-defined muscles. While she does not possess supernatural powers, her enhanced physical strength gives her an almost superhuman ability to inflict damage. During moments of extreme anger, Jackie exhibits a strength that is portrayed in a nearly exaggerated body horror style, similar to comic book characters like the Hulk.

Jackie is proudly and openly bi. When questioned about being with a man, she explains that it was before she met Lou, confirming it with a weary, “I like both.”

Throughout the film, Jackie becomes a sort of protector, reacting violently to defend Lou’s sister, Beth, from her abusive husband. Her willingness to face danger head-on adds a heroic layer to her character.

Jackie experiences severe psychological issues due to steroid abuse, including intense paranoia and uncontrollable rage. These episodes culminate in violent acts that have far-reaching consequences for everyone involved. You can also find our entry about this film in our new Bi Media section.