Darryl Whitefeather, played by Pete Gardner, is Rachel Bloom's clueless yet well-intentioned boss on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Daryll and Josh wearing tuxedos for a wedding standing at the bar with a drink in hand looking in opposite directions.
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He is a newly divorced dad who discovers his bisexuality in the first season of the show when he develops feelings for Josh Wilson (David Hull). Through the first two seasons, their relationship is often portrayed as the only sane and stable one on the show. 

He famously came out to his office in the musical number "Gettin' Bi". 

Along with other cast members from the show, Peter Gardner performed this number during the 2016 LA Pride march on the amBi float. 

Happy #pride!!

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Darryl’s desire to have a child strains his relationship with Josh, leading to their eventual break up. Darryl goes on to have a child with Rebecca's egg that Heather carries as the surrogate, and he ends up reconciling with Josh by the end of season three.

Darryl's storyline is remarkable in part because it's so unremarkable. His sexuality isn't portrayed as a phase or a midlife crisis, and he takes his newfound attraction to men in stride.