Sara Lance, also known by her alter-ego White Canary (played by Caity Lotz), was a part of Team Arrow before leaving to join a crew of time-traveling superheroes on the timeship Waverider.

Lotz has appeared as Sara Lance and her superhero persona in crossovers on the television series Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl, all set within the Arrowverse. The character has also appeared in a digital comic book series.

Sara first appeared in the pilot episode of Arrow (2012-2020) as the presumed dead sister of Laurel Lance. We also learn that she had been having an affair with Laurel's boyfriend Oliver as well.

Sarah Lance and Oliver Queen with surprised expressions looking at someone off screen.
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They thought Sara had drowned, but she was found by Nyssa al Ghul, who took her to Nanda Parbat. She and Nyssa became lovers, and Sara became a deadly fighter with the League of Assassins under the name Ta-er al-Sahfer, roughly translated to "Yellow Bird" or "Canary" from Arabic.

After being gone for 6 years, Sara Lance returns to Starling City as the Canary to protect her family. Her true identity is eventually revealed, and everyone learns that Sara Lance is, in fact, alive.

The season two episode, "Heir to the Demon," reveals that Sara is bisexual and has been in a relationship with Nyssa al Ghul, making her the first character from either Marvel or DC to be explicitly shown as queer in the movies or TV shows.[1]

She is a part of the next 4 seasons of Arrow before leading her own spin-off series, Legends of Tomorrow.

She begins Legends of Tomorrow by taking on the White Canary mantle to signify her fresh start. She romances a number of women and starts a flirtatious relationship with fellow legend Leonard Snart (who sacrifices himself to save the team).

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In season two, Sara becomes captain of the timeship Waverider and leader of the Legends following Rip's disappearance. She remains the leader and has some other romantic relationships. She has a fling with her old friend John Constantine and dates Time Bureau agent Ava Sharpe for a time. At the end of season 6, she proposes to Ava and the two get married before the apocalypse hit, exchanging vows alongside their friends.