Valencia Perez (played by Gabrielle Ruiz) is a character in the CW show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

She begins as the girlfriend of Rebecca Bunch's childhood crush, Josh Chan. The show portrays her as an impossibly flawless mean girl. She is, however, madly in love with Josh Chan and clearly wants him to propose to her as soon as possible. Although she isn't immediately threatened by Rachel, Valencia does find her to be off-putting and is the first to suspect that she followed Josh to West Covina.

Eventually, her desperation to have Josh propose causes a rift in their relationship and the two separate. After the breakup, Valencia goes into a decline. She becomes a recluse and gains weight. She and Rachel end up bonding over their broken hearts and Valencia decides to get her life back together.  

Valencia starts her own business as an event planner in season 3. It is through this business that she meets Beth (Emma Willmann), a potential client. Eight months of time in the universe of the show pass in three seconds for viewers and Valencia is shown with her business up and running and Beth as her new girlfriend. The show doesn't make a big deal of her new relationship, just allowing Valencia to enjoy her new love.