Petra Solano (sometimes Petra Andel or Natalia Dvoracek) is a principal character on Jane the Virgin, portrayed by Yael Grobglas. Petra is a born schemer who is always manipulating those around her for her own financial gain. She knows what she wants and goes after it, even as she becomes a more sympathetic character.

She begins the series as Rafael Solano's wife, but their relationship is on the rocks. She wants to tie him to her and so decides to be artificially inseminated with his sperm, which they had previously frozen.

Jane Villaneuva is accidentally inseminated with Rafael's sperm and conceives, even though she is a virgin. This creates years of romantic tension between Rafael and Jane and even more scheming on the part of Petra.

In season 4, Petra falls in love with a lawyer, Jane Ramos, and the season ends with them in a committed relationship. Although their relationship is rocky, the two end up together in the series finale.

An incredible moment of season 5 is when Petra's ex-husband is taunting her and she stands over him and says, "I'm bisexual". It can't get much more straightforward than that.