Julián de la Mora, played by Darío Yazbek, is one of the main characters in all three seasons of the Netflix show The House of Flowers.

Julián de la Mora is presented as the youngest son of the house matriarch, Virginia. In the first season of the show, we learn that Julián is in a relationship with Lucía, his fiancée, but it is later revealed that he is in a secret relationship with the family accountant and friend, Diego. During a family dinner, Julián decides to come out to his family by singing “A quién le importa”, with a montage in his head acting it out loud and putting on a show for his family. In the end, his mom, Virginia, mistakes his lyrics for him coming out as a singer. Julián then replies:

“No, mom! I don’t want to be a singer, I’m trying to say that I’m bisexual!”

Even though Virginia does not want to accept it at first, the rest of his family lends their support, and throughout the season we see Virginia coming to terms with her son’s sexuality.