Jon Kent is the son of Clark Kent (the original Superman) and Lois Lane. After spending some time as Superboy, he eventually assumes his father's mantle and becomes Superman.

Jon spent his early childhood in California living a "normal" non-superhero life. Eventually, his family inducts him into the ways of a Superhero, and he learns more about his father's origins. He also starts to develop powers, including super hearing, super strength, and invulnerability. At first, his powers fluctuate with his emotional state, and he must learn to control them.

As with most DC characters, there are a few variations of his story, but in all of them, he ends up becoming the new Superman.

In the fifth installment of Superman: Son of Kal-El #5 (November 9, 2021), Jon Kent becomes romantically involved with a reporter named Jay Nakamura (I guess Superman has a type). The creators and publisher actually jumped the gun and let the world know about Superman's bisexuality on National Coming Out Day, October 11th.

Jon grabbing Jay and leaning in for a kiss.