Bob Belcher (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) is the main character in the animated Fox comedy Bob’s Burgers, created in 2011 and still going strong eleven seasons later. The series follows the Belcher family, with Bob as a loving father and owner of a burger shop in a beach town somewhere on the East Coast.

Bob Belcher in a daydream episode standing on a pile of burgers with a flying burger behind him.

In the fourth season’s episode, "Turkey In A Can", Bob reveals he is “mostly straight” over a series of conversations with a handsome butcher, leaving Bob convinced that the guy is out of his league.

Bob and his wife Linda have a loving and happy marriage. Their relationship is undeniably quirky, but they seem to really enjoy one another. Bob is also unfazed when other gay men flirt with him. Bob has shown acceptance and allyship to other members of the LGBTI community, at times moonlighting as a taxi driver for trans sex workers in the city. 

Bob is an example of a character we rarely see in modern media — a bi parent whose sexuality is not the main focus of his storyline.