Bisexuality is a broad and inclusive term that describes physical attraction, romantic attraction, or sexual behavior that is not limited to one sex. In the scientific language of sexual orientation, bisexuality encompasses both heterosexual (different sex) and homosexual (same-sex) attraction or behavior. In everyday language, depending on the speaker’s culture, background, and politics, that translates into a variety of popular definitions such as:

  • Attraction to men and women.
  • Attraction to both sexes.
  • Attraction regardless of sex.

Some important points to note:

  • A bi person may be attracted to the sexes in different ways.
  • A bi person may be attracted to one sex more than others.
  • A bi person may be attracted to one sex at some times and not others.

In other words, there are as many ways to be bisexual as there are bi people, just like any other sexuality.