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Sexual Attraction

To whom are you sexually attracted?

Sexual Behavior

Here we look at actual behavior as opposed to sexual attraction. With whom do you have sexual relationships?

Sexual Fantasies

Whether they occur while daydreaming, during masturbation, as part of our real lives, or purely in our imagination, fantasies provide insight. About whom do you have sexual fantasies?

Emotional Preference

Sexuality extends far beyond physical intimacy; our emotional connections are an important part too. With whom do you prefer to establish strong emotional bonds?

Social Preference

Although similar to emotional preference, social preference is often different. For example, your closest emotional relationships may all with women but you spend most of your social life with men. Where are you on the scale?


Some straight people prefer to spend the majority of their free time in LGBTQ circles. On the other hand, LGBTQ people may prefer to live exclusively around other queer people, in predominantly straight (heteronormative) areas, or a mixture of both. In what kinds of environments do you chose to live, work, and play? Where do you feel most comfortable?


How we see ourselves and want to be seen by others is an important variable since our concept of self strongly affects our thoughts and actions. A person's Present (Last 12 months) and past identity may differ significantly from their future ideal. Without using labels for orientation or gender, how do you conceptualize your sexuality?