Cristian Peralta is a Mexican drag queen who rose to fame as a contestant in the Mexican spin off of RuPaul's Drag Race (2009–), Drag Race México (2023).

During his more than 15-year career, Cristian has been a celebrated representative of the art of drag in Guadalajara, Mexico. His exceptional talent for transforming his face with makeup, and his ability to learn, understand, and embody the character he’s performing has made Cristian Peralta's name nationally known in Mexico.

In 2023, along with the entire cast, Cristian was announced as one of the 11 contestants of the first season of Drag Race Mexico.

Throughout the show, Cristian talked about his private life, including his sexuality, which he identifies as pansexual, a subset that falls under the bi umbrella. Cristian credits his partner and daughter as the driving force and inspiration behind his work. His outstanding participation in the program and bi visibility within the drag community have captured the attention of fans across Mexico and beyond.

My wife met me giving a show, I was impersonating Alejandra Guzmán. When she saw me, well... she fell in love; and so did I.