Bi people are the majority of the LGB community and yet remain the least-understood and least-served. Being bi not only carries most of the same challenges as being gay or lesbian, it comes with additional stressors such as biphobia, identity maintenance, hyper-sexualization (and associated sexual violence), and hostility within ostensibly safe LGBTQIA+ spaces. One of the root causes for these disparities is the lack of a clear sense of what it means to be bi as well as the minority stress of having a sexual orientation and identity that are not clearly understood. is here to help the bi community define itself and to educate others. We strive to provide quality, accessible content for the bi community, its allies, educators, and those who simply wish to learn. When bi people, family, friends, and educators search the word "bisexual," we want them to find a loving, supportive, and informed community that is ready to help them on their journey. Your generous donations allow us to continue supporting the bi community with public outreach, inclusive sex education, and supportive media.