Ilana Wexler is one of the two leads on the hit Comedy Central show Broad City

From the beginning, she is clear about her attraction to Abbi (played by Abbi Jacobson), but neither lets this interfere with their close friendship. She is very open about her sexuality and her attraction to men and women, pursuing both with vigor. 

One of her more remarkable exploits was her brief relationship with Adele, played by Alia Shawkat. Early in the relationship, Ilana realizes that she is only attracted to Adele because Adele reminds her so strongly of herself. 

Ilana's bisexuality is a refreshing non-issue. She owns it and talks openly about it. Her friends are unconcerned by her bisexuality, and it does not create conflict in herself or her life. 

Ilana and Abbi holding hands talking on a bridge while overlooking a river.
Image/CBS Television Distribution