Gael Martinez was introduced in the first episode of the Freeform series Good Trouble. He is portrayed by Tommy Martinez whose own personal history is strikingly similar to Gael's.[1]

Gael was raised in an old-fashioned and strict Hispanic family and community, where being different was neither accepted nor encouraged. This created problems for Gael when he realized that he wasn't exclusively attracted to women. In order to avoid homophobic harassment and familial rejection, Gael repressed and hid his feelings towards other men as best he could.

Growing up, Gael was close to his older sister, Jazmin. Gael may have been the first family member Jazmin told she was transgender. Not only was Gael accepting of her truth, but he also reciprocated her act of trust by coming out to her as bi. When Jazmin was rejected by their family, the two remained close.