Carson Shaw is one of the main characters of the sports comedy-drama A League of Their Own, based on the 1992 classic of the same name as well as the real-life stories of the women in the first all-female Major League baseball teams that started during World War II. Carson is played by Abbi Jacobson (#Bi2), who is also a writer, creator, and executive producer on the 2022 Amazon Prime series.

Carson is married to the soldier Charlie but also finds herself attracted to fellow baseball player Greta. Her sexual fantasies as well as her romantic journey often involve both characters. While the term “bi” is not used in the series (yet â€” it has been renewed for a second season), it is a rare example of a bi actor playing a bi character. It is also historically accurate, as many members of these Major League teams were closeted queer women â€” a detail never mentioned in the original 1992 film.