Calliope Iphegenia "Callie" Torres, portrayed by Sara Ramirez, is a fictional character from the US medical drama Grey's Anatomy (2005–). She was introduced in season two as a senior orthopedic resident and love interest for intern George O'Malley (T.R. Knight). After climbing the ranks to become an attending orthopedic surgeon, she received star billing in the third season.

Torres was initially conceived as a love interest and eventual wife for O'Malley, and was created to be disliked by her colleagues. After her marriage with O'Malley falls apart, she starts a relationship with Erica Hahn. The first sparks fly when Erica jokingly kisses Callie to make another character jealous, and the romance develops from there. Callie and Erica’s relationship was the first that either had had with another woman.

Over the next seasons, Torres has relationships with men and women and proudly owns her bisexuality.

She is also the longest-running LGBT character in television history, appearing in 11 seasons and 241 episodes.