Ask A Bi Dad: I feel really disconnected from bi culture

By Lewis Oakley

October 07, 2022



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Hi Lewis,

I feel really disconnected from bi culture and queer culture in general even though I live in a city where you can live openly. 

I feel like I’m faking it most of the time even though my search history will tell a different story. I haven’t had any experiences with anyone of the same gender and I don’t feel the same connection to this part of myself as compared to my ethnic identity.

It’s more like it’s something that I do or would like to do rather than who I actually am if that makes sense. Got any advice?


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Hi Roy,

Thanks for the question.

One thing I would say is that bisexuality isn’t always about actions, it’s about feelings. Your attractions are yours, you feel them and they are real, regardless of if you’re kissing all the boys at the party.

I do see this struggle with many bi people. The idea that you aren’t bi enough to really qualify as bi. As best I can figure, this is just biphobia or bi ignorance that’s blown over from how the wider society sees us. It’s the idea that you need to be performing bisexuality so that other people can feel assured that you aren’t lying about your sexuality. It’s an odd concept and we shouldn’t give it the time of day.

That said, I completely understand your feeling of it being something you want to do (a same-sex experience) but haven’t been able to yet. So whilst you shouldn’t have to perform bisexuality or feel that you have to be acting on your feelings to be bi, if you feel that same-sex experience is missing, then absolutely seek it out!

I’d probably need to know you better to understand what barriers have kept you from exploring this so far. All I can do is let you know there are probably many people out there that would love to have a same-sex experience with you, you just need to talk to them. Bars, apps, speed dating, there are many avenues that exist to find people these days.

I’d never encourage you to rush your first same-sex experience but after reading your letter back it seems like you’re more than ready to take that step. But, maybe start small, just a little kiss on the dance floor for now, see how you feel.

My parting message is to please not feel that you have to qualify or prove your bisexuality, even to yourself. Go at your own pace, run your own race and remember you decide how bi you are.

Keep me updated with how it’s going.


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