In 1996, Dr. Fritz Klein launched a website called The goal was to create an online hub for bi people; a place to find news, access bi resources, create community, and feel connected in a world where bisexuality was generally erased. Since that time, has grown and evolved along with the internet and the bi community itself.

We will always seek to explore topics from a perspective grounded in empirical science and in a manner that is as accessible as possible to our diverse audience. Visitors come to this site from all over the world. Many are English-learners who come from and live in conservative, religious, or traditionalist environments that are not as accepting of LGBT people. Our attempt to reach the broadest swath of people may mean that some views you hold may not be presented here as you are used to hearing them. We invite you to approach these summaries with an open mind. We firmly believe that by embracing the broadness inherent in bisexuality, most of the controversies around these topics will fall away and make room for the love and sense of connectedness that we like to think is at the root of all sexuality.

First and foremost we are here to tell you that bisexuality is completely "normal" and "natural". While the word "bisexual" (as a sexual orientation) was first coined in 1892, the attractions and behaviors the word describes have been around for at least as long as there have been humans. Please know that it is very possible to be bi and lead a healthy, happy, and fruitful life. At the most basic level, this is all you need to know.