Tokyo Toni aka Shalana Jones-Hunter is a social media personality and vlogger best known as Blac Chyna’s mother.

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Toni moved to the states and served in the military. She has since been involved with the Kardashians because of her daughter, Blac Chyna, though not all of the press attention around her is positive.

Her social media is flooded with videos and posts inspiring those around her to “keep grinding” to make it to their business and personal goals, and she often urges her followers to donate to their local charities that offer help to those suffering from hunger or food insecurity.

More recently, Toni has starred in a reality dating show on the Zeus network, Finding Love ASAP!, where she seeks to find a partner for what will be her sixth marriage.

“Don’t get it twisted, I’m also bisexual, so I have a girl on my show as well,” she explained in 2019 when speaking about the series, and revealing her bisexuality for the first time.