Tila is the protagonist's twin sister in Laura Lam's sci-fi thriller False Hearts.

Born conjoined twins in a cult that rejects modern medicine, Tila and Taema made the choice to escape the compound and all they'd ever known in order to receive life-saving surgery in the outside world. More than a decade later and Tila appeared to be thriving, an artist by day and a high-end club hostess by night. An extroverted social butterfly with a complex and cheerfully casual love life with partners of all genders, Tila seemed to have adapted perfectly to the real world and occasionally sparked envy in her sister over her ease with other people.

In reality, things had gone significantly wrong for Tila however. Despite her sister's conviction that they knew everything about each other, Tila had been leading a secret double life involving drugs, gangs and a dangerous conspiracy that threatens the foundations of their faux utopic society itself. This life catches up with her however and she's framed for murder, something the government knows full well she didn't commit but which they plan on condemning her to eternal cryogenic sleep for anyway — unless her sister takes on her identity and goes undercover for them instead. Loyal to her sister above everything else, Tila tries to persuade Taema not to do this and let her be subjected to what is for all intents and purposes an execution, but that loyalty goes both ways and Taema won't let her die.

Spoiler: Tila and Taema discover they have psychic abilities as a result of their time in the cult, something enhanced by the closeness of their bond.