You Love Being Bi

By Greg Ward

April 15, 2017



Photo credit: Unsplash/Benjamin Davies

It's no secret. You love being bi. You know you do. You love how it feels to fall in love and not have gender matter to you. You love how your connection to others feels like it's on a more personal level than the other sexualities. You love how you are almost unlimited in who you are able to fall in love with. You love that amazing feeling. You love that every bit of your body is bi.

You love how being bi is not confusing to you. You love how it's always how you've been and it's always how you want to be. You also love how no one wants to change you into someone you're not.

Unsplash/Suad Kamardeen

You love how there are so many others like you in the LGBTI community; over 52% of others just like you. You love how statistically you most likely share similar woes. Others might have the same issues as you. Others might have similar mental health problems as you and you love that they can understand you. You love how you can find a group online or a group in real life where you can share those woes with others who pretty much know exactly how you feel. You love how you can also share with those people your excitement about being bi and having found these others just like you.

You love how there are organizations that can help you. You love how you can type online into a search engine and find an organization that can assist you in the ways you need. You love how you have a safety net; that these organizations founded themselves to help you: a bi person.

You love being able to have pride in your bisexuality. You love the colors of the bi pride flag and you wear them proudly. You love it whenever you see colors around town or in media that match the color scheme of the bi pride flag. You love it when you recognize when someone has bi pride colors on themselves, or see a bi pride flag on someone's car, or notice when someone is wearing a bi pride colored bracelet. You love it when they notice you, too. And you love that obligatory fist bump with that bi person or that solidarity nod they give you.

You love seeing bi representation at LGBTI pride parades and festivals. You love seeing the bi floats slowly drive by, with the dancing, happy bi folk waving and cheering "Happy Bi Pride"! You love seeing that a majority of the people at those LGBTI pride parades are bi people and that they are visible to you.

You love seeing the representation of bi folk in media. You love it when someone comes out bi on your favorite show, movie, novel, or comic book. Maybe they were even your favorite character. You love that! You love the diversity of the bi characters in media. You love that each one is unique. Each has their own personality and quirks and you love it that they are united by the common bond of being bi.

You love that people love you for being bi and being true to yourself. You love that you're not alone in this world. You love that there are people in this world who look up to you for being bi. Even the non-bi folk.

You love that you can be open about your bisexuality. You love that you live worry-free when talking with others about relationships you are in with people of the same gender. You love that people show interest in your relationships and encourage you when things get difficult. You love that people have your back. You love going to work and to events where it's safe to be a bi person, free of harassment.

You love that you can get married as a bi person. To a man, a woman, a nonbinary person, whomever. You love that your marriage is recognized everywhere. You love that you can walk or travel anywhere with your significant other and hold hands and people often look on and smile at you because they love you. You love that not only can you be monogamous but you can be polyamorous and even polyfidelitous if you want. You love that you have many options for romance and intimacy.

You love that you have a label for yourself and one designed to help you recognize others just like you; to find your community. You love that you have many ways to describe your sexuality. Many ways. You love that no one can tell you how to identify and that no one cares to; it's all up to you. You love the freedom to be the fluid you and "let your bi shine" brightly like the sun at noontime.

You love that there are bi people in every facet of life. You often read about and see bi politicians, leaders of nations, judges, lawyers, teachers, and first responders. You love knowing that they have a vested interest in the lives of bi folk everywhere.

You love that bi people exist. You love that science recognizes your sexuality as valid and sound. You love that the evidence for being bi is abundant and you love that people believe bi people when they say they are bi. You love that no one ever doubts you or tries to relabel you.

I'll say it again: You love being bi.


This is your vision for the future. A peek into what may become. Declarations of a reality sought after and a longing for one such magical place with the wish that somehow you will it into being. Love the possibilities that the world holds for you.

Now for a reality check. Many of the things listed above are true for bi folk throughout the world. They may not be true for you. Not now. Perhaps, not ever. It might not be safe for you to come out now. It's possible that where you live you can't walk openly and free of worry. You might not have local community support. You don't have the support of your family or friends. No one understands you. You feel like you might never find intimacy.

Sometimes, dreaming of a better world for yourself and bis everywhere can give you the hope you need and the determination to make great change. Sometimes, dreaming of a better world and sharing your dreams can influence the best and brightest in our bi global family. Never forget you have that bi global family. Reach out to them, know that you are loved by them. You are wanted in this world by many who care greatly for you. They wish the best for you and want you to succeed in life and they are rooting for you, you beautiful bi person. You have a community. You have a future. You gotta love that!