Celebrating The Bi Flag

By Talia Squires

December 05, 2019



The bisexual flag was designed by Michael Page and was first unveiled on December 5th, 1998. He was inspired by the colors already present in the bi angles symbol. In the years since that propitious day, the bi community has gathered around the flag as a symbol of pride and unity. We line up at pride parades, events, or just in our day-to-day lives, happily waving our bi flags.

The magenta (or pink) stripe of the flag represents same-sex attraction, the royal blue stripe represents sexual attraction to a different sex, and the resulting blending of the two colors is the lavender stripe, which represents same-sex and different-sex attraction.

A woman with red hair holding the purple bi flag on her back and wears a shirt that says Girl Loves Girls and Boys during a pride march
istock.com/Roberto Galan

Now that we've covered the very brief history, here are some ways to enjoy the bi flag every day of the year.

Wear It

Wear it as a cape, pin it on your shirt, print it on a shirt. There are a million and one ways to wear your bi pride.

Several women with different colored hair, marching together wearing the bi flag on their bodies.

Paint It

Bi flag makeup, pull out some sidewalk chalk and bi up your neighborhood, or maybe create a giant bi flag mural. Find a canvas and create your own bi flags.

A black woman wearing a bi pin sitting at a table smiling and working on an arts craft.
Image/City of West Hollywood

Make It

Don't limit yourself to paint and markers. Make a cake, knit a scarf, craft some bi flag earrings. There are so many amazing ways to create your own incredible bi swag.

Wave It

Bi flags can be found (or made) in all kinds of sizes and materials. Wave it at a parade, fly it over your house, hang it in your room. Indoor, outdoor, big, or small, there is no wrong way to wave your bi flag.

People on the sidewalk smiling wearing pride shirts and holding purple bi flags.
Image/City of West Hollywood

Stick It

Do you have a bare phone case, maybe an undecorated trapper keeper, or a sadly plain water bottle? Why not jazz it up with some bi stickers?

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In honor of today’s #bivisibilityday I thought I’d share my cute little collection of bisexual pride flag accessories that I’ve collected recently! I’ve never been one to be super open about how I identify, as it seems to be confusing to so many people- especially since I am in an extremely committed relationship with the amazing @j_angelo_music. However, being surrounded by such incredible people in working within the convention community has recently brought out more transparency and pride for who I am- in all aspects. So, thank you. Love is love, and that, more than anything- is something to be proud of. 💙💜💖 #bi #bisexualpride #bipride #biflag #biflagcolors #lbgtq #lbgtqpride #bisexuality #bigirls #bigirlsofinstagram #loveislove #personal

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Ink It

Editor's Note: I'm adding this one after a fan on Twitter suggested it and showed us his awesome bi flag tattoo. (1/29/2020)

We all know that being bi isn't a phase, so why not show the whole world you're bi.

Make it Huge

Are you worried that you aren’t flying your bi flag high enough or hard enough? Maybe it’s time to get your own giant bi flag to carry at your local Pride event.

The purple bi flag being carried by several people during a pride march. .
Image/City of West Hollywood

So there you have it, six ways to show off that bi flag. Now go out and celebrate this symbol today, tomorrow, and every day.


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