#BisexualMenSpeak Encourages Us to Listen to Bi Men

By SB Swartz

July 31, 2018



Photo credit: Unsplash/Joshua Hoehne

"I tire of people telling me I don't exist and that I'm lying". With this concise message, author J.R. Yussuf launched the #BisexualMenSpeak hashtag. "A bisexual friend of mine on Twitter and I were gushing over celebrity couples that made our bi-senses tingle" when Yussuf was brought back to biphobic comments a member of one of the couples made. "The reminder of all of this kind of reopened the wound for me and I started tweeting."

Bi men started using the hashtag to share their stories. "The responses have been really varied and extremely vulnerable which has been really lovely."

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Bigstock/Dean Drobot

When asked what seeing the response has been like for him, Yussuf replied "[they] have reaffirmed me and shown me that it is okay for me to be vulnerable as well, that people can handle it, and that we have to continue to make room for ourselves in more ways than one".



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