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By Talia Squires

November 23, 2021



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For 25 years, has been building a global bisexual community. We are here to support people seeking to learn more about bisexuality, in the process of coming out, and those trying to live their best bi lives. Over the years, we’ve gotten thanks and encouragement from fans around the world and are now excited to announce that we are rolling out features of the website in Spanish. Right now, a few key sections are available, and we are working hard to keep rolling out new sections in Spanish, so stay tuned.

If you’re on the website and want to see something in Spanish, there is a grey button on the menu that will allow you to toggle between EN (English) and ES (Español). If a piece of content has not yet been translated, it will appear in English. We’re working hard to get everything bilingual and will continue to update you as that happens.

Here’s what we have translated so far:


These are the questions that we hear over and over again at We’re always happy to answer them for you, but it might be a good place to start if you are just exploring your bisexuality, want to educate friends and relatives, or just want to know more.

Bi 101s

These are longer articles that talk about the history of bisexuality, address some major misconceptions, and talk a little bit about the science of human sexuality. If you’ve read the Q&A and now you want more, this is a great place to start.


We have articles about famous bi people, bi movies, bi books, advice from other bi people, stories about being bi, and more. If you just want to learn more about the bi community or get different perspectives on issues that bi people face, there is a ton of content here. We have not translated every article on here, but as you scroll through, you will see that many of the titles are in Spanish. Those are the articles that have also been translated.

Klein Grid

The Klein Grid was developed by Dr. Fritz Klein as a way for people to reflect on their bisexuality. Unlike the Kinsey Scale, which ranks your attractions on a spectrum from exclusively heterosexual to exclusively homosexual, the Klein Grid acknowledges that your sexuality may change over time. You can fill out your own Klein Grid here and use it as a tool to learn more about your own sexuality.

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Thank you so much for exploring the new bilingual features of, and stay tuned for more. We are currently working on expanding the famous bis and bi characters sections to be bilingual as well.


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